Friday, February 13, 2009

paypal buttons

we now have paypal buttons
to assist ya'll with ordering
from tired trails.
they are positioned on the
right side of this page &
they are really easy to use.
indeed a secure way to pay.
be sure to hit one on your
way out. :) thank you.

(if you need help with
them - don't hesitate to ask!)

a 'proper' website
to emerge soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ttc 010 Robe. - Housing Deterioration cdr

tired trails,robe,housing deterioration,dark drone

these boys are finally coming into the spotlight with
their spooky subaqueous doom drone. over an hour of haunting
drones, low-level feedback, beneath the street turmoil
& what sounds like speakers breathing static. creepy.
just how we like it! each package is unique & comes with
different art, etc. seriously limited ed. of 20! $7 ppd/us.
$9 / world.

to order email us: tiredtrails (at) gmail (dot) com

tired trails,robe

ttc 009 Gorman - Farm Bells c20

gorman,tired trails

this tape is the perfect companion for those dreary
lonesome mornings when all you can see is the steam from your
breath. when all you can feel is your desire to sleep, to dream.
sparse and minimal with the winter cold wrapped right around it,
these sounds submerged creep through your blood blue veins
and crawl towards the surface. a slow motion trip.
created simply, in a certain meditation it seems, with
tambourine, tibetan bells, effected banjo, drone guitar
and contact mic vocals. hand numbered clear tapes with art on
one side, wrapped in a green leaf pressed recycled paper pocket
tied with hemp. collage art insert by j.
limited ed. of 28. $6 ppd/ us. $8 ppd/world.

to order
email us: tiredtrails (at) gmail (dot) com