Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ttc 005: v/a - the field notes that fled- tired trails comp tape uno c105

hello everyone!

tired trails

->> our comp tape is finally ready to be had!
originally the tape was going to be sold with the zine,
but the zine turned out to be a waaayy bigger
project than expected, so it will be available as
a separate entity.

this tape represents some of our favorite diy sounds from
around the globe. over 21 artists created original tracks
for this tape and we are very excited for everyone to get into
it with us. Side A begins with a full dose of soul fried funk
from the black hole oscillators, who's track has been getting
some indie radio time in cali, yah, its that damn catchy and groovy.
Side B is just as enchanting, with its funky feedback
sidewinder of an opening track from derek rogers.
from the intricate pysch wanderings of etherik to
the lyrical genius shira e. to the entrancing improv guitar of
black eagle child and donato epiro to the buried in noise punk
offerings of sing idog to the heavenly live harmonies of festival,
this tape encompasses the true meaning of a mix-tape.
it isn't about what names you know or don't
know. take a chance & discover something, someone new.
its damn time you did. two hours of freedom sounds.
limited edition of 50. hand-numbered green tapes w/ art
on A side, housed in hand-made recycled paper. camping
photo art on front. comes with a mini-zine
booklet containing artist info, track list, collages & art.
$6 ppd. in states. $8 ppd. world.

Side A:
Black Hole Oscillators, Monks of the Balhill, Black Eagle Child,
Shira e., Bill Baird, FESTIVAL, Etherik, the End Springs,
oh be joyful, Chris Way, Golden Boots, Howl, Pony Bones,
Side B:
Chapels, Rambutan, Ajilvsga, Derek Rogers,
Horse Gives Birth to Fly, Sing idog, Telephone Callers,
Cosmic Mandoliners, Donato Epiro, i am indian you are
white fuckers, Wooden Spoon, Mark Bradley

tired trails

Thursday, January 15, 2009

we love tapes! but we don't like...


that is why we are asking you-
our friends & family to send us your
old tapes so we can re-use them.

we already use recycled materials in every other part of our
creating, but we really want to go the distance
& be a total recycling and re-using vehicle. if you send
a certain amount we will send you back gifts. media mail
is super cheap, but if you are sending a large amount,
we can help out with shipping costs. if you are within
new york perhaps we could plan a pick-up. all is possible.

if you'd like to be a giver and/or would like more info
on this wonderful exchange,
please email tiredtrails (at) gmail (dot) com
with "RRR" in the subject line. THANK YOU!

*Please Note that the tapes we are looking for need to
be the kind you can still record on. if you need help figuring
shit out, give us a hoot.