Thursday, January 15, 2009

we love tapes! but we don't like...


that is why we are asking you-
our friends & family to send us your
old tapes so we can re-use them.

we already use recycled materials in every other part of our
creating, but we really want to go the distance
& be a total recycling and re-using vehicle. if you send
a certain amount we will send you back gifts. media mail
is super cheap, but if you are sending a large amount,
we can help out with shipping costs. if you are within
new york perhaps we could plan a pick-up. all is possible.

if you'd like to be a giver and/or would like more info
on this wonderful exchange,
please email tiredtrails (at) gmail (dot) com
with "RRR" in the subject line. THANK YOU!

*Please Note that the tapes we are looking for need to
be the kind you can still record on. if you need help figuring
shit out, give us a hoot.

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