Thursday, November 11, 2010

the diamond family archive

tired trails collective 027
the diamond family archive-the death of kung fu

tape: c47

the diamond family archive,the death of kung fu,tired trails

laurence collyer makes music under the name
the diamond family archive
. he's a traveling folksy
from the uk, playing captivating live shows with a fierce
freak style that get the whole town talking. everything
i've heard from him i've fallen in love with- over & over.
here collyer has created a refreshing & imaginative album,
effortlessly utilizing the banjo, guitar, piano, drums, sounds
of the sea, rain & beyond. the bulk of these recordings came
together in an old sail loft on the day david carradine, the 70's
actor, died. 'the death of kung fu' tells it's own dynamic story
of a dreamer & his death. like snapshots of a day in the life,
this album consists of 15 shorter tracks all displaying their charm
within three minutes. then two longer tracks wrap up the set,
shadowing the end of the day when everything unwinds & replays
in your head. one brilliantly constructed instrumental flowing
into the next, each track unlocks the door to an archive of sound &
spirit. 'spring pt 1a' for instance opens with the hum & buzz of night
planes in the distance-the acoustic guitar unravels its notes lazily,
gracefully, cymbals crash, the electricity of one guitar rings & echoes
off towards the horizon behind the scenes a bit- you can feel the world
waking up to this, the pride of growing green again, the cycle returning
to bloom. 'dead swan' is a dreamy drift of a closer composed of muted
guitar flickers, xylophone tinkers & a small wave of feedback. the bold
bird is pulled to the water's edge where it lies down happily & breathes
its last broad breath.

if you enjoyed the dfa's album "one to twenty" (Electronic Musik),
which you can hear & download for free HERE, you're going to
love this melodic masterpiece. vinyl (on dinosaur club) is next for
laurence, & of course he's keeping up with his touring. word on
the trails- he's working on coming over to the states!
stay tuned here & to his website HERE.
full color wrap around art & insert printed on recycled paper.
mindfully made recycled cases. limited edition of 44.
$6/8. near/far. (less with more-see paypal options).

These Hands for Clapping by the Diamond Family Archive from tired trails on Vimeo.

the diamond family archive,the death of kung fu,tired trails the diamond family archive,the death of kung fu,tired trails

death of kung fu sample by the diamond family archive by mettamind


tired trails collective 026
siddhi-straying fingers

tape: c47

siddhi,straying fingers,tired trails

siddhi is the italian duo of delfo and elena. siddhi translates
to perfection or attainment, in some circles it means power.
& we are blessed here with the force of some wonderfully
comforting creepers- five irresistible tracks pulling us closer
& closer to the source of all sound & silence. in the opener hare,
a leisurely acoustic guitar unfolds from a forest of strangely
scraped strings echoing off the large hidden rocks of refuge.
here we are coasting along in the following track golden fields,
flecks of notes flickering amidst droned currents, then all of the
sudden the guitar breaks through all your thought-forms & thistles
& reveals its wildness. fast string by string strumming, going
dazedly between unhinged and refined, this is where the real wandering
begins. harmonics ring and sing and hum beneath it all, the only sign
of their path - slightly bent grasses. red deer tangles you in its
protruding branches. you may feel yourself tossing & tumbling
along the forest floor, head slightly spun making everything glisten,
flickering in sunlight, how gold you must feel red deer, how gold.
in the side b opener loom, little drip drops of echoed notes plunk
down at kindly intervals, trance like & warm. distant voices from
beyond cast their reverbed nets towards the figure appearing just
over the hill. nestled in between the low whistles of the wind blowing
through abandoned caves, the guitar sings it own song of solitude in
rebirth. note after note turn in the great wheel, sparkle like the great
sun then echo off into the great unknown. a gong reverberates midway
through, reminding us that the moment of awakening is now.
in any rendition of the word, 'straying fingers' is siddhi.

hand drawn cover art & photo art insert by delfo. hand drawn tape
info insert & design by jess. all printed on recycled paper. tape comes
in mindfully made recycled felt cases. limited edition of 42.
$6/$8. near/far. (less with more)
A1 : Hare
A2 : Golden Fields
A3 : Red Deer
B1 : Loom
B2 : Rebirth
total time - 39:57
Golden fields [edit] by Siddhi by mettamind

SIDDHI website

siddhi,straying fingers,tired trails siddhi,straying fingers,tired trails siddhi,straying fingers,tired trails

Sunday, October 10, 2010


coming soon to a tape player near you: we have two brilliant albums from the diamond family archive [the death of kung fu] & siddhi [straying fingers]. we've yet to offer sounds this damn organically stunning. both artists are offering up their first ever tape releases too.

Monday, June 7, 2010

summer break

Howdy Folks.

just wanted to let all of ya'll know
we took all but two paypal/order buttons
off the blog until we return from summer
and we only have a few left on us of those
two tapes before we go on summer break.
in a week or so there will be no buttons
at all as we will be unable to send
anything from the road. we're happy to take
orders but please understand they won't be
shipped until mid-late august.
we'd be happy to put something aside until we
come back as well, just send over a request.

when we come back to the music fold we will
have some beautiful offerings from some amazing
folks. sounds to reflect & celebrate another
turn in the seasons.

please feel free to email us with questions,
holds, demos, positive affirmations & blessings,
we're always happy to hear from ya'll. thanks for
your understanding & support.


take it easy & be good to one another,
all our love,
j + the tired trails

Friday, May 21, 2010


tired trails collective 025
Odawas-Mind of Christ
tape: c35
odawas,mind of christ,kill yr tv soundtrack,tired trails,cannes 2010 odawas,mind of christ,kill yr tv soundtrack,tired trails,cannes 2010

oh the magic of odawas. sweet somethings melting on the tip of your tongue in the warmth of sister sun. we could not be more thrilled for this set of sounds.

the first/title track on this here album was made as a soundtrack for Neil Blakemore's short video "Kill Yr TV." the soundtrack & the movie were both selected to appear at Cannes this year. 'mind of christ' is one heck of a 14 minute monster too, so brilliantly composed & formulated, exposing light on the horizon to rise towards. it reminds me a bit of the 'personal best' soundtrack, the way it ends with this great glorified slow motion feel to it. in fact, the whole album feels very epic & grand much like the wonder of their previous album, 'the blue depths.' each section of sound rises up from void & surprises you, then disappears back into the nothingness leaving traces and spaces to set your self in & be delivered by. warm chords sparkle in star light, slight feedback rings in its absence, circulating & encompassing you, leading you into the seaside cave where other worldly creatures sprawl the walls. synths skip like stones across a wild sea, brilliantly reflecting the sun in their skips. 'mariner's hymn' opens with little drops and drags of ocean water drip dripping behind long strokes of fading synths - sort of like being hugged by the sea, slowly drifting from wave to wave. you can see only a reflection of the land you are progressing towards. and then, suddenly it hits you, you will never reach another shore. the sirens are calling you back to the middle of the ocean, back to your death, your end. and you surrender without hesitation, knowing that was always your fate, your destiny. 'transmission from a martian pyramid' is the chorus of the stars. shiny buoyant synths rain angelic mist upon you. you are sent to the middle of the lotus flame where you shake off your dust & shine like the crazy diamond that you are. ascension is inevitable.

see through prism tapes come with full color art & insert
printed on recycled paper & are housed in recycled felt.
all tapes dubbed real time. everything is put together mindfully
& with joy. limited edition of 63. $6 w/in us [less w/ more-check
paypal options on right].

Mind of christ [edit] by Odawas by mettamind

odawas,mind of christ,kill yr tv soundtrack,tired trails,cannes 2010


Endless Endless Endless

endless endless endless,on growth and form,tired trails endless endless endless,on growth and form,tired trails
tired trails collective 023
Endless Endless Endless-On Growth and Form
tape: c30

the duo of endless endless endless have captured our attention
with their outer worldly jams. no doubt these two can take us
there within a half a minute of their blossoming sounds. they sit
& shine until your third eye opens with a pop. if you've never heard
of synth mantras here is your chance. side a is the preamble
to the drifting. . .the tape opens with 'weight,' a heavy & layered
piece of blanket getting shredded apart by tiny bits of dust. the
particles spread their wings across it & pull each thread separate
to form something entirely new. the sounds form their own static
& put pressure on your sternum, forcing the breath to morph into
its own unique beast. 'headed' bounces in with a spring in its step,
silvery synths zinging around your cranium. a freak little head trip
& a great one. 'groan' utilizes whispers and sssss sounds to bring you
home to the groan. eee form a bottomless pit of space sounds & bounce
you around there for a while. lots of lovely layers getting tangled in
the free zone. side B: 'heat' hides your face for a while & replaces it with
a gentle beat & some gentle explosions, rising tides brought up to the
surface then sunk again in the most brilliant of lights. then it all fades
into the pondering feedback of 'never know me.' sounds unravel in a
fireworks kind of display, some tones bounce & some slither sideways,
some frolic in the foreground, some delight in the dark. electric guitar
shimmers happily while their voices sail the sea draft home. one take
improvisations from the source. what more could you ask for?

black tapes come with full color art [by eee] printed on recycled paper
& come housed in recycled felt. all tapes are dubbed real time.
everything is put together mindfully & with joy. limited edition of 50,
distros will have some soon. $6. [less with more-paypal to right]

A1: weight A2: headed A3: groan
B1: heat B2: never know me

B1 Heat by Endless Endless Endless by mettamind


Monday, April 26, 2010

next up

coming in May:
we have some wicked one take improv chorals from
ENDLESS ENDLESS ENDLESS [on growth & form].
ODAWAS [mind of christ] takes us to the sea side &
shines our crazy diamonds. both on tape. both
worth ten thousand plays in succession. word.

look out!!!


after the after: the diamond family archive, siddhi, joseph mcnulty, nonhorse ++

Saturday, February 27, 2010

ttc 021 Stone Baby

ttc 021: Stone Baby-Leap into the Void and Drift c28

stone baby,tired trails

the fourth installment of stone baby's
unofficial tribute series to modernism,
these two tracks will send you into that
great wide nothing for tea, cakes & total

part one: leap into the void.
when you first decide to leap, to jump from
such a high level you feel an incredible rush
of energy fill your body. then a bit of panic
sets in, the storm clouds emerge green eyed
& ready to strike, fear is your friend you tell
yourself. for a split moment, when you actually
let your body go, you are sure you can fly, that
you won't drop at all onto that pavement. but you
do drop, quicker than you can fathom & soon you
are face to face with the ground. as you start to
lose consciousness, sounds may appear louder than
their actual level. they will collide with each other,
form giant shapes in your brain & then drop out completely.
welcome to the void.

part two: ...and drift.
if you had to choose a cloud to drift on, this would
be the one to deliver all your hopes & dreams on
when the time came. these tremolo-ed feedback
drones will sail you on a stoned ship to the middle
of your mind & melt you there. follow the cosmic
patterns, the daydreams of a lunatic, the call &
response of that one lone voice - bouncing off the
rocky echo chamber of madness. it's a place where
you'll put it all together - those pieces of your life
you thought never fit, it's a place you'll call home
one day without hesitation.
black tapes come with two full color wrap around art
parts & an insert, which all slips into a
recycled felt case & is put together mindfully.
limited edition of 38. $6/$8 world. [less with more]


(paypal buttons on right side of page)

stone baby,tired trails

Listen to a sample Here

Friday, February 26, 2010

ttc 022 Sunken Landscapes

ttc 022 Sunken Landscapes-Transparent Sea c60
sunken landscapes,tired trails

sunken landscapes shows his true shape
shifting self with this amazing set of sounds.
we've got some definite floating in space/water
vibes & the a whole set of other sci-fi sounds
to make your heart go pitter patter in that oh
so special way. 'Into the Ocean' shoots synth stars
deep into coral caves where all our warped vibrations
gather & bang around. some of the jumpy tones slow,
some slither and some move in a fast forward motion.
kinda like being shoved into the belly of the whale
by moonlight. 'take the ride' offers you a trip on
through a deserted underwater space station with the
echoes of alien ghosts & broken robotic voices crumbling
all around you. in the 'artificial age' nothing is bound.
you will get bounced around between stars and fishes &
shot with soft synth bullets on your way out. 'tracers,'
the thirty minute stairs to your spacecraft, grows up &
around you like sea-weed until it reaches your head & sinks
you in its stardust. the buzzing guitar unfolds & crashes
in it's wild ways then morphs into a fluttering comet.
add some sampled sounds rewinding into oblivion & you're
all set for take off. all super trippy & twilight zone
like & unlike anything in your tape collection.
time for 3-D glasses & a massive shift of consciousness.
can you feel it ?

see through tapes come with full color
wrap around art (by jess) & an insert (by andy),
all slipped into a recycled felt case & put
together with mindfulness. limited edition of 38.

$6/$8 world. [less with more]

sunken landscapes,tired trails

Listen to a sample Here or Here