Friday, February 26, 2010

ttc 022 Sunken Landscapes

ttc 022 Sunken Landscapes-Transparent Sea c60
sunken landscapes,tired trails

sunken landscapes shows his true shape
shifting self with this amazing set of sounds.
we've got some definite floating in space/water
vibes & the a whole set of other sci-fi sounds
to make your heart go pitter patter in that oh
so special way. 'Into the Ocean' shoots synth stars
deep into coral caves where all our warped vibrations
gather & bang around. some of the jumpy tones slow,
some slither and some move in a fast forward motion.
kinda like being shoved into the belly of the whale
by moonlight. 'take the ride' offers you a trip on
through a deserted underwater space station with the
echoes of alien ghosts & broken robotic voices crumbling
all around you. in the 'artificial age' nothing is bound.
you will get bounced around between stars and fishes &
shot with soft synth bullets on your way out. 'tracers,'
the thirty minute stairs to your spacecraft, grows up &
around you like sea-weed until it reaches your head & sinks
you in its stardust. the buzzing guitar unfolds & crashes
in it's wild ways then morphs into a fluttering comet.
add some sampled sounds rewinding into oblivion & you're
all set for take off. all super trippy & twilight zone
like & unlike anything in your tape collection.
time for 3-D glasses & a massive shift of consciousness.
can you feel it ?

see through tapes come with full color
wrap around art (by jess) & an insert (by andy),
all slipped into a recycled felt case & put
together with mindfulness. limited edition of 38.

$6/$8 world. [less with more]

sunken landscapes,tired trails

Listen to a sample Here or Here

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