Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last Update of Oh 8

howdy folks.

just wanted to fill ya'll in on what
lovely creations we have coming your way
in the next few months & beyond. thanks
for the support, kindness & love thus far,
we extend our gratitude & send all good-ness
back your way.

*the Zine/Comp Tape will be available
mid-to-late Jan. & we Promise, it
will be totally worth the wait! the Comp
Tape features cool photo cover art,
& a little rolled up book with artist info,
hand drawn art & apple eye collages. over
20 different artists created new & original
tracks for this very tape. banging.

> harps of fuchsia kalmia - pantomima terrestre c20:
with special guest delphine dora. a good times collage
of swing record samples, string and bell chaos, field
found sounds, piano tinkering, winter soul singing
and psych folk. timeless.

> gorman - farm bells c20: a sparse wintery
journey from the heart of the midwest. two
long tracks featuring tamborine,tibetan bells,
banjo,and drone guitar. settle in and slumber.

> etherik - shipwrecks cdr: an intricate psych
release by our good friend from belgium.
reminiscent of six organs, yet completely its
fantastic own. this kid is going to blow your
musical mind.

> stone baby - Leap into the Void...and Drift c26:
another classic offering from these popular
upstate ny sound rollers. read again the title.

> robe. - housing deterioration cdr
haunting drones, low-level feedback,
beneath the street turmoil & what sounds
like speakers breathing static. creepy.
just how we like it.

> nonhorse - they will rip your name away cs
tapes tapes tapes. rhythm and rhyming.
sufi high twirling and chants from the earth.
his style is unmatched, no doubt.

<>throuRoof / donato epiro - split 2 cs

<> goodwillies - tangerine tape burst c30

<> zack kouns - peter denied our lord cdr

not to mention fly offerings from: pony
bones, a man & a guitar, horse gives birth to fly,
al Qaeda, mcpibtycp, pete fosco,
everything under
the sun is a tomb, siddhi, oh be joyful,
arash moori, allal, pink desert, bad indians
split w/ sing idog, monks of balhill, mark bradley,
black hole oscillators, thingamu*jigSaw,
golden boots, bicycle sighs, cough cough,
PENS, xiphiidae, rambutan, wooden spoon,
chris way + so many more its creeaazy.

we also have a lot of art books/poetry packs/
etc. planned as well. are ya'll excited yet?!

*always accepting demos, art, barters, joy.

ttc 008: the End Springs - Synergy cdr

the end springs

what a wonderful month for us at
tired trails to be sharing yet
another amazing cd with ya'll.
this one came to us from across the swamp,
after it was sent around the globe and back.
This gorgeous minimal psych folk wonder
began in the mighty fine hands of the
brilliant improvisational guitar
extraordinare The End Springs, who created
skeletal tracks and then sent them to some
of his best friends/favorite musicians for
collaboration; Siddhi, Beggin' Your Pardon
Miss Joan, The Child of a Creek & A Man and
A Guitar. the result couldn't be more satisfying
or soul seducing. There is an obvious
unspoken connection between The End
Springs and the other artists, as their
musical union sounds like they've been
playing together for years.

The album is lead with a solo End Springs
track, bells ring in the beginning of
repetitive slide guitar bits, shakers and
a mist of desert drone, all dangling on the
edge of familiarity and abandon. Each
collaborating artist molds their given
tracks in solemn but shining shapes like stars
and smiles from the sun, light captured at
its most delicate, delicious. Soft layers
of voices, hi-hat tumblings and bass enrich
the repetitive and ramblin' guitar plucked
with that lazy winter impression. Sparse
yet engaging, all signs point inward, towards
the heart of everything. Another masterpiece
from the mellow mind of the End Springs, this
album is sure to captivate and entrance all three
of your eyes. (don't act like you don't know)
this cdr comes packaged in recycled brown leaf
nepali lokta paper. two inserts - one with hand-drawn
album art & the other with track list, credits, info.

$8 ppd w/in the states. we ship world just ask!

Listen: HERE

the end springs

the end springs

*stay tuned for the last update of oh8, soon to
be posted. thanks!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ttc 007 : Bill Baird - Songs the sound of myself, as written by others cdr/book

bill baird

let me introduce to you one of my favorite
albums of the year. one which celebrates
the folk tradition, the music of the people,
the music of the land, our hearts. an album
that will surely make your 'best of' lists
this year:

Bill Baird - Songs the Sound of Myself, as Written by Others

For those of you not familiar,
Bill Baird is one of the most prolific
music makers of the times - releasing (often times
self) album after album without loosing steam,
focus or inspiration. He is the village story teller,
the train hopper with the news, the kind hearted
mad poet. this cover album captures 12 songs written
by some of bill's favorite songsters. to capture
the original spirit of a song while adding your own
character is the true test of a great musician.
the perfect balance must be kept, and bill
walks that line without wiggling. He is able to mix
in his own distinct flair and presence without
drowning out the original greatness. "Rake &
Rambling Boy" stands out as a strong
example of bill's ability to blend traditional
music with his own freak flavor. Under bill's
spell, this conventional guitar jingle becomes
drenched in harmonica at 2 minutes in, turning into
what sounds like a distorted dying didgeridoo
sailing off onto a dissonant coda sea. Other tracks
share similar characteristics, as they begin with
Baird & his guitar but my mid-song are breaking
down into horn and piano solos, echoed chaotic guitars,
harmonicas, background noises and organic drones.
the marriage of both worlds is seamless.

Herein lies collected bits of transcribed
gray matter: my own brain in full resonance
with the pull of my heart's own string. Heart
and brain properly aligned, a true feat. And
yet, this harmony springs not from my own pen,
but the writings of others: friends, influences,
and songs of the folk tradition. I have done my
faithful best to share their songs in a voice distinctly
my own.

My two poems take inspiration from
daily bus rides to work, the bright orange of early
morning, and songs I have not yet written. (bill baird)

Track List :

1) The Dirt (Mark Ashworth)
2) Sea Song (Robert Wyatt)
3) Last Fall (Sparrow House)
4) Shady Grove (Doc Watson style) (trad.)
5) The Ballad of Sammy Mudd (Sam Sanford)
6) I'll Be Here in the Morning (Townes Van Zandt)
7) Rake and Rambling Boy (Trad./Carter Family)
8) Hot Burrito 2 Digit (Flying Burrito Brothers)
9) Expecting to Fly (Buffalo Springfield)
10) Walking After Midnight (
Patsy Cline)
11) Be Not So Fearful (Bill Fay)
12/13) Diamond Deserts / This Land is Your Land (BB / Woody Guthrie)

This cdr comes in a fantastic little book, featuring
poetry and track notes written by Bill and some
excellent photographs taken by him as well. The
book is made completely out of recycled materials,
& tied together with hemp. It doesn't get
any better than this folks. Edition of only 100!
Get yours now!

$12.50 ppd. us. (for rest of world $12.50 + shipping.)
Ordering info: Please email :

HERE : bill baird's myspace
HERE : tired trails myspace

bill baird

bill baird

bill baird

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Neyta show in Brooklyn : Dec 11th

yo yo kids. hope everyone is doing well.

please come out and have a good time with
us this thursday - at the kick off party for
the ny ear & eye festival in BrooklYn. jess
(ttc starter-uper) & chris way (aka buried
branches) are playing at 9pm. come early,
stay late. here is the info.

Damaged! Aktions & Visions #2
Presented by Pendu Org
A night of Projections and Music
:::December 11::: @ Vanishing Point | 240 Meserole street, Brooklyn, NY 11206

12:30am ::Towering Heroic Dudes
12:00am ::Seth (JFR of Excepter)
11:30pm ::Ascension (Dylan Hay of Idiot Underground, Bmore)
11:00pm ::New Yoga
10:30pm ::Pete Fosco (from Cincinatti, OH)
10:00pm ::Synt. Tofs.
9:30pm ::Legs (mem of Symbol)
9:00pm ::Neyta (jess of tired trails & chris way)

Doors open at 8pm
$7 - All Ages!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Art #1 : individuals

derek rogers tape comes with hand written
inserts (as most our releases do) &
individual, one of a kind drawings by jess.
below are just a few.

DR - Calculated Messes

Saturday, November 15, 2008

oh be joyful & al qaeda release

greetings ya'll.

new tape release by oh be joyful & al qaeda.
brilliantly arranged, constructed.

oh be joyful split w/ al qaeda

al qaeda/oh be joyful split c39 (self released)

aq side: 3 tracks. crushed distorted off beat noise
banging, loud, gracious,damaged, engaging, amazing!!
(some of my fav sounds this year)

obj's side : 1 track. sit & smoke your best bud blissed out
orchestrated droning, a thundering sky beneath -
longing, spacious, intensely grounding -great for anger mgt. /
meditation. use the headphones.

beautiful poetic packaging/art by scott of aq.

extremely limited to 20 copies. i have 8. now 7. now 6. now 5.

order: tiredtrails at gmail dot com

Monday, November 3, 2008

nr : Derek Rogers & Al Qaeda tapes !!

ttc 004 Derek Rogers - Calculated Messes c38

derek rogers - calculated messes c38

with quite a discography under his belt, including a
tag-team with mike khoury split with fossils on
Middle James Co. (Andrew Coltrane, Fossils, AC/DP),
a cassette for noise-god label RRR's Recycled Music series,
a cd-r and cassette on his own imprint, Last Exit Recordings -
Rogers is no new-bee to making noise. his dead c inspired
screeching and howling twister music has become a staple around
here for a reason. its damn right down and dirty. his texas style
brain scrambles will set your hair on fire. this kid builds lopsided
walls of sound out of feedback, wait, scratch that, he builds the
whole damn village. and then....destroys it. Rogers is a master at
sculpting noise as much as he is de-constructing it. and while he
never holds back his ability to throw it in your face, sometimes full
speed smacking, glorious in its ability to swell your brain to brilliant
shades of blue & battered -seeing stars from a knock out scattered -
Rogers isn't afraid to slow it down and add those timeless acoustics.
thats the beauty of this tape. Rogers can take a simple note, a simple
chord, a simple bend of the string, and turn it into total mayhem or
total meditation. chOOse your own adventure.
white tapes housed in cigar paper, hand-
sewed together, fingerprints & varied photo art taken
by derek, (sometimes) altered by j. Lmt. ed of 40. $6.

derek rogers art #1.


ttc 006 Al Qaeda - Cremation of Care c38

al qaeda - c of c

if you've yet to let this cali troop kick the shit out of your eardrums,
you're in for a treat. these two long jams (one 17:22 min.,two 18:38)
are perfectly constructed interpretations of a world at war. the distance
between the sacred and the non, the barriers of opinions, belief.
the first track will instantly grab your attention with its layers of holy
far eastern singing loops & 9/11 radio correspondence - with its
fuzz fumbling, synth freakouts & static distortions there are no
boundaries. those in your face forget about thinking
straight crescendos,building & building & exploding at full speed
will make your mind fry like that egg in those old drug commercials.
the second track is just as curious and destructive as
the first, though it takes a different route through the mine field.
it feels very circular, the way the sounds surround your head,
bounce from ear to ear with its effortless determination.
below the mayhem old organ sounding notes dance, skip and
scatter...slowly at first & then, in a this ain't no ditty kinda way,
sound off like fireworks going off inside a computer. as the track
progresses it begins to sound like a extremely lo-fi crusty punk record
for about 4 minutes and then retracts into its slow subdued resolution.
watch out for these kids, they know exactly how to push those i
can't get enough of this shit buttons.
hand numbered white owl tapes housed in green recycled cardstock,
stapled together with owl art on front. comes with
varied collage art taken from photos of bohemian grove &
cremation of care ceremonies. seriously lmt. ed of 40. $6.

al qaeda-cremation of care c38

ORDER HERE :: tiredtrails (at) gmail (dot) com


may you walk the
tired trails with love.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

:: late aches ::

hello everyone. as you might have noticed we here at the
tired trails are running a bit behind. my apologies
go to everyone waiting on your tapes, the zine, etc.
please be patient. i've been really ill lately & unable
to do, well, anything. there are only one set of hands &
eyes working here & they haven't been able to work at all.
all orders/trades will be going out on this week.

thanks to everyone for their patience, support & understanding!

go watch the leaves turn.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

in the works

there are some very exciting releases coming up here
on the tired trails. our zine and tape compilation have
been in the works for some time now and we wanted
to let all ya'll know that it is moving along and destined
to come out the end of this month/early next. sorry
for the delays, but we promise it will be worth the wait.

here is the final list of the artists on the compilation
tape!! :: the end springs, black eagle child, chapels,
black hole oscillators, golden boots, FESTIVAL, rambutan,
donato epiro, wooden spoon, etherik, oh be joyful, ajilvsga,
shira e., bill baird, howl, monks of balhill, sing idog, derek
rogers, pony bones, horse gives birth to fly, the cosmic
mandoliners, mark bradley, telephone callers & i am indian,
you are white(fuckers). yah, we know. f'n killer.

as far as our other music & noise releases we have
some excellent artists joining the trip. here are just
a few:

derek rogers - calculated messes c38 :: they call him the
texas tornado for a reason folks!

al qaeda - cremation of care c38 :: saving us from
western propaganda, these guys bring the noise.

throuRoof & donato epiro - split 2 c20 :: simply gorgeous
drone & field found sounds melting & blurring & buzzing.

bill baird - songs the sound of myself, as written by others ::
bill is one of the most prolific artists we know. this cover
album will change the way you feel about music. it will blow
your mind. this cdr will be housed in a small book with
photos, poems & collages - all taken & written by bill.

the end springs - synergy cs :: collaborations from around
the globe. guests include: beggin' your pardon miss joan,
a man & a guitar, & many many more!

goodwillies - the tangerine tape cs :: tim is creating sounds
around the color concept - tangerine. we can't wait to hear
what arises.

& so much more from these amazing artists: pony bones,
horse gives birth to fly, monks of balhill, siddhi, mark
bradley, stone baby, etherik, rambutan (eric=century plants/
burnt hills), wooden spoon, waterdogs, gorman, xiphiidae,
robe., cough cough, oh be joyful, black hole oscillators,
i am indian you are white(fuckers), bad indians, sing idog
& so many more!

keep on the lookout folks. we are here to please. thanks
to everyone for their support & love thus far. peace out.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

ttc 003 Black Eagle Child // oh be joyful - split 1 c30

no one knows why black eagle child sprung
out of his little midwestern nest, but we're all
sure as hell happy he did. cause he came out
spitting out one prolific sound scape after another.

his brilliant side of the tape features guitar,
accordion, road noise and rainstorms. all 3 tracks
are strung together with bliss wire, static and deep
low voice choir drones. a delicate riff arises, repeats.
mimicking itself and branching off into skeletal
sculptures. the sounds sink into the wind wallowing
restlessly, as city buses from the street creep in and
swallow. this is a meditative piece. sitting on the side
of a mountain with kind buds and no-mind. examine.

B side features oh be joyful, who begins an improvised
guitar piece with the sound of the wind sailing over sea
glass, an embrace of the earth and its movement.
recorded in a tent, this first piece reflects the intimacy of
living in that small space. with "ghost ride side car," this
side continues down a bleak path with what sounds like
the rumble of a motorcycle making its way through
a deserted town at night. goosebumps and sightings.
the last track, 'thunder hills chorus,' ends the cycle with
some deep deep bass and a chorus loop resounding,
raw gurgly murk getting spit out of the polluted earth.
beware. hand numbered blue tapes,
housed in blue & green tie-dyed recycled handmade paper-
hand-sewed together. beautiful hand drawn art (drawn by bec,
altered by obj) on gold paper. each unique. $6.


Up Next:
*Derek Rogers - Calculated Messes c32
*field notes zine / field notes that fled comp tape-
featuring music by *-> the end springs, black eagle child,
etherik, rambutan, bill baird, wooden spoon, shira e,
FESTIVAL, chapels, horse gives birth to fly, pony bones,
monks of balhill, howl, derek rogers, cosmic mandoliners,
sing idog, donato epiro, telephone callers, mark bradley,
+some special guests.
* featuring interviews with Blues Control, Foot Village,
Otto Hauser (Espers,Vetiver), FESTIVAL: one midwestern
boys tale of what its like being famous in japan / tour diary:
incredible art by miccam (hgbtf), photo essay by vincent
fribault & "v" of monks of balhill, throuRoof's damaged
photos, nil's (hourglass drops) black & white shots:
poetry & creatures by chris way, lovely poems by c.huffman,
seena ++: music reviews, collages, drawings, and so much
more your mind will implode!! all printed on recycled banana
& lemon paper (100% post consumer waste).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

first two releases

ttc 001 Shoreline - Features ep

shoreline - features ep

the UK/Italian duo return with 4 handpicked selection of tracks fresh from the swollen seas. their first ep "From Home, Eden & in Between," gained instant recognition for its brilliance, beauty & bold song structures - breaking down the old and new & making it their own. they've been compared to the Incredible String Band, Vashti Bunyan, Iron & Wine...

this "Features EP" is full blown orchestrated folk fever- delicate but bold melodies entangled with seaweed shells & all sounds sublime, exploration of place space and remembrance - rooted deep in tradition and daylight. sitting by the lakes in summer, by the windows in winter, the perfect cup of tea at high noon. drink up. hand-sewed covers using lakta paper. cd-r. Ltd edition of 25! $6/8.

track list:
1: jubletane
2: daybreak
3: seabird
4: without fear

ttc 002 Chapels- dust bells c30
(the circle and the point side project)

chapels - dust bells cs

here we have a curious exploration of mind, matter
and mania. Subtle echoes form mandala like patterns,
while surging electricity collapse their efforts. The opening
track is a meditative distended sit down stay
down, swaying like abandoned swings, grasping
but pushing away, an empty heart, a broken nest. The second
track starts off discreet, sensitive even, and while it keeps itself
refined, it also tears into reality's fabric, stabbing swords
at its purpose, caving in on it's commands. Side B demands
the same attention and diligence. it is cunning chaos and loopy
destruction. impulsive expeditions. it is the reminder of urgency,
the remainder of madness and the recollection of delight. dive in.
hand numbered blue tapes housed in hand-sewed felt pockets
tied together with hemp & some silver bells. comes with sticker
featuring a curious photo from the 30's. ltd ed. of 40. $7/9.

side a:
1: swollen & drifting
2: all my nights are...
side b:
1: haste
2: i don't recall

for ordering info

only a few copies remain of each.

Monday, September 15, 2008


welcome to the tired trails collective information station.
here you will find all sorts of exciting happenings
springing out of the dusty dirt that is the tired trails.
we exist simply out of our love for/obsessions with music, noise,
creation, deconstruction, community and all things green.

stop by regularly to catch up on our releases, take a look at our
recycled/organic hand-home made packaging & art, take a peek
into our lovingly constructed community spun zines full of
photos- poetry- band/musician interviews + so much more,
order some shit, and/or just say hello. we are friendly down
to earth head bangers and noise makers. dig. welcome ya'll.

a few fun facts for familiarity:
*we put a lot of care into each of our releases. they are all made
by hand, one by one, using as much recycled & organic materials and
as little waste as possible. the "waste" that is produced goes right
back to the recycle circle, either becoming part of a later project
by way of us or becoming one of the green products we support
by purchasing. we love supporting small businesses, like those
who practice good ethics and who bring us excellent
renewable products from artists all over the world.
*the collective is anyone who takes part in any of
our random projects. that includes the people you & i don't see
who do the shipping, the shaping, the farming, the love making...
all of their/our sweat is put into the peace pipe.
we smoke it at the end of the day
to give thanks. you are all a part of us simply because
you are. we are all family.
*we value the barter system.
*alliteration will get you everywhere.