Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ttc 007 : Bill Baird - Songs the sound of myself, as written by others cdr/book

bill baird

let me introduce to you one of my favorite
albums of the year. one which celebrates
the folk tradition, the music of the people,
the music of the land, our hearts. an album
that will surely make your 'best of' lists
this year:

Bill Baird - Songs the Sound of Myself, as Written by Others

For those of you not familiar,
Bill Baird is one of the most prolific
music makers of the times - releasing (often times
self) album after album without loosing steam,
focus or inspiration. He is the village story teller,
the train hopper with the news, the kind hearted
mad poet. this cover album captures 12 songs written
by some of bill's favorite songsters. to capture
the original spirit of a song while adding your own
character is the true test of a great musician.
the perfect balance must be kept, and bill
walks that line without wiggling. He is able to mix
in his own distinct flair and presence without
drowning out the original greatness. "Rake &
Rambling Boy" stands out as a strong
example of bill's ability to blend traditional
music with his own freak flavor. Under bill's
spell, this conventional guitar jingle becomes
drenched in harmonica at 2 minutes in, turning into
what sounds like a distorted dying didgeridoo
sailing off onto a dissonant coda sea. Other tracks
share similar characteristics, as they begin with
Baird & his guitar but my mid-song are breaking
down into horn and piano solos, echoed chaotic guitars,
harmonicas, background noises and organic drones.
the marriage of both worlds is seamless.

Herein lies collected bits of transcribed
gray matter: my own brain in full resonance
with the pull of my heart's own string. Heart
and brain properly aligned, a true feat. And
yet, this harmony springs not from my own pen,
but the writings of others: friends, influences,
and songs of the folk tradition. I have done my
faithful best to share their songs in a voice distinctly
my own.

My two poems take inspiration from
daily bus rides to work, the bright orange of early
morning, and songs I have not yet written. (bill baird)

Track List :

1) The Dirt (Mark Ashworth)
2) Sea Song (Robert Wyatt)
3) Last Fall (Sparrow House)
4) Shady Grove (Doc Watson style) (trad.)
5) The Ballad of Sammy Mudd (Sam Sanford)
6) I'll Be Here in the Morning (Townes Van Zandt)
7) Rake and Rambling Boy (Trad./Carter Family)
8) Hot Burrito 2 Digit (Flying Burrito Brothers)
9) Expecting to Fly (Buffalo Springfield)
10) Walking After Midnight (
Patsy Cline)
11) Be Not So Fearful (Bill Fay)
12/13) Diamond Deserts / This Land is Your Land (BB / Woody Guthrie)

This cdr comes in a fantastic little book, featuring
poetry and track notes written by Bill and some
excellent photographs taken by him as well. The
book is made completely out of recycled materials,
& tied together with hemp. It doesn't get
any better than this folks. Edition of only 100!
Get yours now!

$12.50 ppd. us. (for rest of world $12.50 + shipping.)
Ordering info: Please email :

HERE : bill baird's myspace
HERE : tired trails myspace

bill baird

bill baird

bill baird

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