Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last Update of Oh 8

howdy folks.

just wanted to fill ya'll in on what
lovely creations we have coming your way
in the next few months & beyond. thanks
for the support, kindness & love thus far,
we extend our gratitude & send all good-ness
back your way.

*the Zine/Comp Tape will be available
mid-to-late Jan. & we Promise, it
will be totally worth the wait! the Comp
Tape features cool photo cover art,
& a little rolled up book with artist info,
hand drawn art & apple eye collages. over
20 different artists created new & original
tracks for this very tape. banging.

> harps of fuchsia kalmia - pantomima terrestre c20:
with special guest delphine dora. a good times collage
of swing record samples, string and bell chaos, field
found sounds, piano tinkering, winter soul singing
and psych folk. timeless.

> gorman - farm bells c20: a sparse wintery
journey from the heart of the midwest. two
long tracks featuring tamborine,tibetan bells,
banjo,and drone guitar. settle in and slumber.

> etherik - shipwrecks cdr: an intricate psych
release by our good friend from belgium.
reminiscent of six organs, yet completely its
fantastic own. this kid is going to blow your
musical mind.

> stone baby - Leap into the Void...and Drift c26:
another classic offering from these popular
upstate ny sound rollers. read again the title.

> robe. - housing deterioration cdr
haunting drones, low-level feedback,
beneath the street turmoil & what sounds
like speakers breathing static. creepy.
just how we like it.

> nonhorse - they will rip your name away cs
tapes tapes tapes. rhythm and rhyming.
sufi high twirling and chants from the earth.
his style is unmatched, no doubt.

<>throuRoof / donato epiro - split 2 cs

<> goodwillies - tangerine tape burst c30

<> zack kouns - peter denied our lord cdr

not to mention fly offerings from: pony
bones, a man & a guitar, horse gives birth to fly,
al Qaeda, mcpibtycp, pete fosco,
everything under
the sun is a tomb, siddhi, oh be joyful,
arash moori, allal, pink desert, bad indians
split w/ sing idog, monks of balhill, mark bradley,
black hole oscillators, thingamu*jigSaw,
golden boots, bicycle sighs, cough cough,
PENS, xiphiidae, rambutan, wooden spoon,
chris way + so many more its creeaazy.

we also have a lot of art books/poetry packs/
etc. planned as well. are ya'll excited yet?!

*always accepting demos, art, barters, joy.

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