Sunday, December 21, 2008

ttc 008: the End Springs - Synergy cdr

the end springs

what a wonderful month for us at
tired trails to be sharing yet
another amazing cd with ya'll.
this one came to us from across the swamp,
after it was sent around the globe and back.
This gorgeous minimal psych folk wonder
began in the mighty fine hands of the
brilliant improvisational guitar
extraordinare The End Springs, who created
skeletal tracks and then sent them to some
of his best friends/favorite musicians for
collaboration; Siddhi, Beggin' Your Pardon
Miss Joan, The Child of a Creek & A Man and
A Guitar. the result couldn't be more satisfying
or soul seducing. There is an obvious
unspoken connection between The End
Springs and the other artists, as their
musical union sounds like they've been
playing together for years.

The album is lead with a solo End Springs
track, bells ring in the beginning of
repetitive slide guitar bits, shakers and
a mist of desert drone, all dangling on the
edge of familiarity and abandon. Each
collaborating artist molds their given
tracks in solemn but shining shapes like stars
and smiles from the sun, light captured at
its most delicate, delicious. Soft layers
of voices, hi-hat tumblings and bass enrich
the repetitive and ramblin' guitar plucked
with that lazy winter impression. Sparse
yet engaging, all signs point inward, towards
the heart of everything. Another masterpiece
from the mellow mind of the End Springs, this
album is sure to captivate and entrance all three
of your eyes. (don't act like you don't know)
this cdr comes packaged in recycled brown leaf
nepali lokta paper. two inserts - one with hand-drawn
album art & the other with track list, credits, info.

$8 ppd w/in the states. we ship world just ask!

Listen: HERE

the end springs

the end springs

*stay tuned for the last update of oh8, soon to
be posted. thanks!

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