Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ttc 024 Kevin Greenspon-an endless distance c20

ttc 024 kevin greenspon - an endless distance c20
kevin greenspon,an endless distance,tired trails,bridgetown
an endless distance
is a re-issue of an incredible set of tunes
originally released on cd by our good friend Kevin G. & we
just couldn't let this one go without putting it onto, you guessed
it, cassette. i've had a blast dubbing these too cause the sounds
fit so perfectly into my late afternoons & evenings, Greenspon's
guitar swimming in & out of these amber waves of distortion so
perfectly i can't help but be swallowed whole by them. City Breezes
opens up the tape with these righteous slightly tremeloed currents
rolling up & down the backstreets in tangled patterns & poses.
these captivating sounds tell a story so intensely you half expect a
holographic image to appear like a headlight from the tape player
out onto your floor space or something. what you end up seeing
is a reflection of the story, a memory of what the sounds mimic.
found sounds get tangled in the static - slams, crashes, footsteps -
the image becomes like a dying television floating in & of focus.
your sailing on the lights of the city like a snowflake. they're flashing
in tune with your heart beat & you can feel the city life bubbling
beneath you about to catch fire. a gentle rush sliding you over like
that first bite of candied apple at the state fair. definitely for fans
of pink desert, xiphiidae and getting lost in those long hazy crazy
nights of san fran.

$6 / 8 . paypal button on right side of page. lmt. ed. of 24.
Listen at tired trails or greenspon

kevin greenspon,an endless distance,tired trails,bridgetown

Kevin is currently on tour ! check out the dates at HIS SITE !!

Microphone Memory Emotion

Friday, November 20, 2009

Monks of the Balhill & Enfer Boreal split

tired trails collective 020
monks of the balhill,enfer boreal,tired trails

could not be happier with our twenty-th
release here. throwing out some real psych
wizardry we have: the monks of the balhill
with the first four treks/tracks &
enfer boreal finishes the disc with three
holy hummers. check it out:

after stellar releases on labels like peasant magik
& housecraft, the two monks bless us with four killer
jams from the highest altitude of psychedelia mountain.
you're going to want to come out of your cave for this
one, these tracks are painstakingly perfect. 'according'
begins with the tangling of guitars, some plucked notes
scatter, some build their wave like wall in the distance.
dirt & distortion swell & crumble, like thunder from
the day before & you glide on this until you realize the
sounds have sped up & they are swirling around your head
like giant lightening bugs. a catchy tripped out loop
fades into the sounds of the night temple in 'akthala'.
small crescendos take you for a ride on the midnight
ohm wave train. the monks let their voices swim in the
clouded quilt of reverb haze in 'black head' - a track
that will sink you completely into its slightly delayed
drift & let you daydream there unhindered. 'lotus flutters'
grows into what sounds like a funeral march coming down
the mountains, the wind whipping around their mantras like
lost lotus petals and death.
the buzz has also been a blurring around enfer boreal
after some ridiculously beautiful releases on stunned
& digitalis & with his three offerings here it is so
easy to see why. 'deep again' & 'solal' consist of
that dense dizzy drone we can't help but get lost in.
all thick & tasty like french texas toast, this is
some serious mysterious temple madness drenched in
a head full of static & frenzy. 'deep again' twists
you slowly in its obscured guitar marches. 'solal' is
where sun rays collide with the windy channels of
solace, imagine a field of burning bells-a breeze
blowing smeared sounds across the universe. 'tired inca'
has this real nice voice loop skipping through
distortion like a pebble headed for the middle of
the lake on a real rainy day. it's dark and melodic
and dreamy as hell & you'll want to put it on repeat
all night long. whatever they are smoking in france,
let's get them to share. this is some total ef'n transcendence.

disk comes in recycled cd sleeve.
little booklet containing really cool photos
taken by one of the mighty monks, words of advice
for young lovers, a one of a kind individually
made sticker & other radness comes with.

to order paypal buttons on right side of page. email us
if need or desire be: tiredtrails(at)gmail(dot)com
1: according different meanings :: monks of balhill
2: akthala monastery
3: black head with no horse
4: lotus flutters in my hand
5: deep again :: enfer boreal
6: solal
7: tired inca

time - 53:23

monks of the balhill,enfer boreal,tired trails
monks of the balhill,enfer boreal,tired trails monks of the balhill,enfer boreal,tired trails,vincent fribault

NEXT UP :: a righteous re-issue of "an endless distance"
by the one & only bridgetown boss Kevin Greenspon, put
to tape like all our favorite sounds should be.
after that: stone baby's tribute to modernism,
sunken landscapes uncovers the artificial age. beee ready!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prince Rama needs our help !

this has happened to so many good bands lately,
please offer what you can to these amazing
people/musicians! (the following is a re-post from them)

sad news--
our van was broken into today in philly
and ALL our equipment and merchandise has been stolen.
it is looking as though we may have to
cancel the rest of our US tour.

we are trying to be as proactive as possible
about pursuing all possible solutions // ways of trying to
re-coop some of our losses,
and are accepting any ideas // suggestions
about where to go from here, as we can't
play any more shows until we can get some of this back.

If any one has any used equipment you'd like
to donate or sell to us cheaply, we are definitely in need of any
guitars, amps, pedals, synths, keyboards, drums... you name it.

we were thinking of maybe organizing
a few benefit shows, so anyone who might
be interested in playing, by all means contact us
and we'd love to work something out.

at any rate, we set up a donations fund,
so if you feel moved to donate anything, even a buck,
ANYTHING would help at this point.

we are so grateful to everyone that has been
so kind to us on tour... its been truly amazing so far,
and we just feel really thankful to all of you for
sharing such love and inspiration with us.

taraka, nimai, michael
Prince Rama of Ayodhya

(copy & past the paypal button to donate)


Friday, October 2, 2009


howdy ya'll. happy Fall!
hope this finds you enjoying
the turning of leaves, a cool brisk breeze
& some apple cider.

the Paypal buttons are
back up & running. please notice the options
on the drop down menus & choose the appropriate
choice. if you buy more than one item you
get a discount - except on the Horse Gives
Birth to Fly tape because they are too heavy
to discount the shipping.

if you have questions, comments or anything
remotely interesting or uninteresting
to say please email us:


please also keep in mind that many of these
releases are running really low, so if you've
been putting off buying, jump on that.

thanks most kindly for your continuing support.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

five news

we're back with 5 nuu releases! super stoked
we are about them too! be sure to check them
out & email us to order.


we going to try to have the paypal buttons
back up there too. for now send us a shout.
we're happy to make deals & all that.

we've got some more amazingness on the way
no doubt, from artists like stone baby,
lasers from atlantis, sunken landscapes,
cough cough, monks of the balhill,
enfer boreal, siddhi & some sassy surprises
too. psych is life. peace out.

ttc 019 Zack Kouns - Peter Denied Our Lord

zack Kouns,tired trails,peter denied our lord,cdr

Kouns has quite a varied & vast discography
filled with challenging creations that tend to
float in a religious stream a soot. & you get
the freak feeling when listening to him that he's
privy to a world you don't know about. Kouns sounds
like no one in your black book or record collection.
he's got his own way of telling the story & makes no
apologies about it. his voice gets tangled in between
speech & a solemn soaring swoon. & boy can he belt it
when called for.

"Peter denied Our Lord" consists of 10 tracks
about the various stages and types of denial.
Recorded in the woods at night- crickets, rain &
background hiss take the shape of instruments
in this epic tale of communion and refusal.
here Kouns favors the bluesy one note strum
lines & minimal accompaniment. dark downer
fucked folk vibes stirring in the branches -
often no chorus, no refrain - just storytelling
in full effect. past/current releases on bum tapes,
owness, clinical archives & others. soon to
have a cult like following to take over the world
with. deny and repent.

cdr comes in recycled packaging w/ various inserts.
front/back art by Kouns. edition of 22. $7 ppd us/
+ ship for world.

cdr : time: 34:47


to ORDER EMAIL US HERE: tiredtrails(at)gmail(dot)com

*more pics to come.

ttc 018 a man & a guitar - to kill a dead man

a man & a guitar,tired trails,to kill a dead man,cdr

a man and a guitar. that's it. his thoughts,
his emotive resistance, his chorus, his steel.
'to kill a dead man' is a reminder that you don't
need fanciness to create something beautiful,
haunting and timeless. this album has that
tip your hat to the side kinda saloon vibe,
swaying into a gritty bar with a gun on your side,
ready to draw. your covered in the settling of dusk,
in desert sweat & dirt & your miles from any place
you'd call home. letting the chords ring and echo
then fade, allowing each string to take part in the
madness, AM/AG draws out the sounds that need pushing
& lets the others drop away. small swells of nearby
thunder fill the largest sky you've ever floated in.
paris, tx vibes for sure, with less texas twang & more
paris flare. seven tracks of grifter blues to burn your
double-dealing skin. sizzle sizzle.
(dedicated to derek bailey & neil young.)

cdr comes packaged in rad recycled packaging with
an art / poetry insert. front/back cover art by
aman&aguitar. edition of 25. $7 ppd us/ + ship for world

a man & a guitar,tired trails,to kill a dead man,cdr


to ORDER EMAIL US HERE: tiredtrails(at)gmail(dot)com

ttc 017 al Qaeda - aluminum lock smith c20

al qaeda,aluminum lock smith,tired trails

al Qaeda just finished up an epic tour
with Mike Watt, Droughter, Derek Rogers,
& Rob Crow & now they are dropping
this epic tape.

don't expect to hear the same thing twice from this
ever evolving band from san fran. they will blow
your expectations out of the polluted water, spit
on them and then give you a hug. here they throw
out some delayed sunshine on all our round red summer
faces. this tape begins with one of those familiar
string/guitar loops you think you hear wandering in
the wind on a deserted beach. definite highway drifter
drone filling up the speakers for that daydream deliverance.
slow motion space dives with solar flares on your side.
who is the aluminum lock smith? who is the blind tiger?
light one up and sway your head to this shit.

clear tapes housed in homemade black envelopes,
random pics from around the world on one side,
comes with mini-booklets containing tape info,
art. edition of 22. $6 ppd us/+ ship for world.

keep an open eye out for their other
releases on the always killer Scotch Tapes,
Middle James Co. & Heavy Psych (just to name a few).

al qaeda,tired trails,aluminum lock smith
al qaeda,aluminum lock smith,tired trails


to ORDER EMAIL US HERE: tiredtrails(at)gmail(dot)com

ttc 016 the Goodwillies - Tangerine Tape BURST c30

goodwillies,tired trails,tangerine tape burst,silver fox

while other artists are busy pounding away
on that trend-mill, tim goodwillie is off
building his own. taking a side winder route
through the tangerine tunnels of time,
goodwillie takes the lead in what i like to call
the race for intergalactic funk-manship. fuck bootsy
collins, goodwillie is here to spice up your summer
as your lo-fi noise groove captain. bruised beats
deliver some blows while smoky shaky synths get
sexy with the static of your brain in 'Pink Milk Plus.'
'Silver Fox' begins by banging your head against
a bass wall, then while you're distracted, the
funkiest fried groove within the galaxy bursts through,
tossing and tumbling around like shoes in the dryer.
amazing drunk junk pop from the synth samurai.
*side B:* A slow motion melody beaten and busted up
then shoved into the tiniest of holes. a thousand tons
of pressure being held back with a feather. like watching
an explosion in rewind. bad ass vibrations for your massive
pollution caused headaches. break through & BURST motherf*s!

Side A: Pink Milk Plus / Silver Fox
Side B: the Moist Contact of Different Metals

home real-time dubbed tapes, some blue some not,
two inserts- housed in recycled felt & citrus fabric.
edition of 44. $6 ppd us/ world get in touch.

check out the SOUNDZZ HERE

goodwillies,tired trails,tangerine tape burst
goodwillies,tangerine tape burst,tired trails

to ORDER EMAIL US HERE: tiredtrails(at)gmail(dot)com

ttc 015 donato epiro / throuRoof - tamandua's gorgeous dream drones c20

donato epiro,throuRoof,tamandua's gorgeous dream drones,tired trails donato epiro,throuRoof,tired trails

with a name like "tamandua's gorgeous dream drones,"
its not hard to imagine the news on this tape.
these two fine Italian artists bring us together
for some straight up anteater magic - dream journeys
with tunnel visions, flickering lights & fevered hallucinations.
Side A: donato epiro builds a river wall of white noise
in your head space, blurring your vision with the drone
of ants & gods & swingers. "Myrmecophagidae Musik"
sneaks up like a gang of shadows climbing towards the
jungle ceiling. slightly familiar, these are the sounds your
eardrums make when you blew them out the night before.
the ringing behind the reverberation expands & shakes with
earthquake like tremors until you & the vibrations are
one in the same.
Side B: throuRoof's "Fire Ants Mandibles" begins with
the sounds of the jungle at dusk. here is the hidden world
of animal communication & wind chatter. big black bugs
hollowing wood, some shift some scatter. your eyes are
jungle vines and grasses, swaying in a blistering breeze,
glistening in the last rays of sunlight. total amplification
of the illumination. anteaters unite.

clear tapes, home dubbed real time, housed in
recycled fern paper. comes with two inserts -
one with hand-written tape info, one art by throuRoof.
edition of 24. $6 ppd us/+ ship for world.

check out the soundzz -> Epiro
ThrouRoof & TTC

to ORDER EMAIL US HERE: tiredtrails(at)gmail(dot)com

we accept paypal & all that.

Monday, July 13, 2009


coming soon to a stereo near you ::

>> throuRoof & donato epiro entrance us with their anteater magic. (tape)
>> a man & a guitar offers us his first journey into solo electric space. just the right amount of minimal madness. (cdr)
>> al qaeda throws out some delayed sunshine on your round red faces. drifter drone for that daydream deliverance. (tape)
>> zack kouns recorded "peter denied our lord" in the woods, with background hiss, rain, crickets, trees and denial - all such dear friends. (cdr)
>> the goodwillies travel through the tangerine tunnels of time, spunky junk funk as a guide. you can't hide from SILVER FOX. stop, pop, BURST! (tape)

right after that are some dope offerings from monks of the balhill & enfer boreal, lasers from atlantis, cough cough, stone baby, siddhi + much much more!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

b r e a k

*tired trails is currently on hiatus until
the end of july, when we will return with
a bangin' batch to set your summer on fire
(probably...well, most likely,um...hopefully).

all orders - expect soon. the shop will
also be closed while on break, but feel free
to email us. sm:)e

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Etherik, Nirvana Pan Jali/Many Mansions, Harps of Fuchsia Kalmia !!

ttc 012
cdr time: 54 minutes
ttc 012  Etherik - Shipwrecks
Etherik is Erik Heyns, our good friend and
wonder multi-instrumentalist from Belgium,
who also plays in Grant Moff Tarkin & Rivercrest
(funeral folk). Here he delivers one hell of an album,
an album i haven't been able to put down since it
arrived on my doorstep. "Shipwrecks" is an amazingly
crafted fully realized first album, a magnetic 9 song
cycle in which Heyns plays all the instruments - percussion,
acoustic & electric guitars, organ, tibetan bells,
bali name it. But this album sounds
more like a full ensemble then a one man show.
Each track is so carefully constructed, so lovingly
assembled, so mind and soul tend to forget
one lone soul created such an incredible journey.
Mixing experimental post rock with psychedelics and free
dark forest folk, this album sways like a half sinking
boat on the sea, blurring the lines between submergence
and surfacing, hope and resistance, living and dying.
Layers of speech creep beneath his fire brimmed vocals,
as if he were conjuring up sea and sky spirits to sing
along with him. There is a sense of tradition in his lyrics
and raga influenced guitar trips, but also of exploration -
each track setting off on its own adventure - each one more
engrossing than the next. These all consuming compositions
will find a way into your head and swim there gently, slowly
letting you drift off into their world like any good song
will do. think six organs, legendary pink dots, comus,
pink floyd, then think beyond them, then stop thinking.
This little psych folk gem is going to make you happy - real happy.
cdr comes in hand-sewed felt 'cases' & comes with 2 pieces of art :
one unique handmade linolium stamp artwork (by etherik)
& one of two hand drawn treasure maps w/ cd info on back (by jess.)

Listen to Etherik at his MYspace
or at OURS

ttc 013
nirvana pan jali/many mansions-split c30
nirvana pan jali,dream safari,tired trails,many mansions,recycled felt,collage art

the artist of many monikers including quaouauh,
sky shepherds & dream safari doses us again with
his self described lethargic spiritual drone.
the track,'Celestial Mud' is just as it would suggest.
think drugged out meandering drone. like tripping
through a temple's forest at night, getting stuck
between the sounds of the night and the sounds
of the temple. this one grows from a four member om
circle to a full earth shattering choral, sounding somewhere
between a thousand mosquitos and ten thousand tape
warped trumpets. some heavy ethereal chant here my friends.
chant and be..well..whatever you want.

the many mansions piece, 'Book of Splendor,'
begins its decent into indecency with killer tape
manipulations,synth filtering and frequent radio static,
painting the picture of a shiny new age sci-fi wonderland.
the tiny man is at the toy piano, the drunk-ed three armed
and eyed creature is taunting the bearded birds-who are
squawking back in their vinyl scratch like language.
pt. II: enter island drum beats. enter groove. get into it.

hand-drawn art on tapes, hand-sewn/stapled silkscreened
arty collage fabric & recycled felt pockets. collage art insert.

NIRVANA or our

ttc 014 Harps of Fuchsia Kalmia w/ Delphine Dora-Pantomima Terrrestre
harps of fuchsia kalmia,tired trails,tired trails,delphine dora

Harps of Fuchsia Kalmia is the new weird-folk,
avant-folk forest-music project of Salvatore Borrelli
(etre, wondrous horse); the music is made in a direct
way, without processing or any other disturbance. Here
he is joined by delphine dora, the brilliant singer and
musician, who adds her honey sweet voice and piano to
this already captivating set of sounds.
"Pantomima Terrestre" or "Pantomime of the earth" could
not be a more fitting name - this is the earth's musical. -
a complete production with characters, story lines
and dedications - a perfect collage of traditional
folk, field recordings, organic drones and percussion.
delphine's airy vocals mingle with the drum beats,
space sounds and radio static. birds chirp, dogs bark,
cars drive by, and records spin backwards. sluggish dulcimer
& guitar plucks crescendo beneath the drone of the harmonium.
uniquely improvisational and experimental without loosing
its familiarity, there's only one way to discover this world. press play.
if your into caethua, vapaa, nnck, donato epiro
and any other trippy explorations of italy, finland and
forest spirits everywhere, this tape will not disappoint.
current/past releases on Ikuissus, Centre of Wood &
Fire Museum and future releases on Reverb Worship &
Beard of Snails. look out! rad purple tapes in silkscreened
fabric & recycled felt (made out of plastic bottles!)
cases. comes with 2 inserts - one piece of amazing
photo art by Federica R. & other with hand written tape info, etc.

Listen HoFK
& Tired T

harps of fuchsia kalmia,delphine dora,pantomima terrestre,tired trails,recycled felt cassette case

there are paypal buttons to the right.
for international shipping, assistance,
questions, etc. please email first:

THANKS for your support!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

ttc 011 Horse Gives Birth to Fly - Untitled c30

tired trails,horse gives birth to fly,beauty,ritual noise

blown off of whatever sphere i thought i
was living on and on to this one. horse gives
birth to fly offers up this massive Live 2nd
album, taking their noisy french psych
to a whole new level. they claim to make
'ritual noise,' but that only brushes the
surface of their sound. these 6 tracks combine
the sounds of an industrial pow-wow-crunchy
metal mantras- with reverb soaked spook.
HGBTF perform their cosmic ceremonies with
stoned hypnotic rhythms, metal scrapes,
shaky eerie singing and radical riffs.
they get into a groove and sink you in
it completely. with influences like volcano
the bear, starving weirdos & acid mothers
temple you'd be moving in the right direction,
but expect this tape to stand on its own in
spite of its nods. this beast will haunt you until
you stand on your head and put it on repeat. so beware
and be happy - this tape is one heavy hit. the kind of
hit that makes the room spin, your eyes sweat and your
heart race. you may want to just let this one blow
your speakers. killer packaging thanks to the band!
black tapes come on metal plates, screwed into place,
all placed in blue oversize envelopes w/ art on front/back.
edition of 30, i only have 20! expected to sell out quickly.
$7ppd w/in states. / $9 world. (these puppies are heavy)

Listen HERE

TO ORDER press the paypal button to the
right. for international orders please
email first: tiredtrails (at)

horse gives birth to fly,tired trails,ritual noise

(HGBTF is offering these up as cdrs also-
please contact them.)

(these tapes have a min of silence on each side
to ponder infinity in, once you return back from
it that is)

(thanks to my boy cakes, who assisted my
poor old mind in finding words to write this-
some of them are in fact his.)

Friday, February 13, 2009

paypal buttons

we now have paypal buttons
to assist ya'll with ordering
from tired trails.
they are positioned on the
right side of this page &
they are really easy to use.
indeed a secure way to pay.
be sure to hit one on your
way out. :) thank you.

(if you need help with
them - don't hesitate to ask!)

a 'proper' website
to emerge soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ttc 010 Robe. - Housing Deterioration cdr

tired trails,robe,housing deterioration,dark drone

these boys are finally coming into the spotlight with
their spooky subaqueous doom drone. over an hour of haunting
drones, low-level feedback, beneath the street turmoil
& what sounds like speakers breathing static. creepy.
just how we like it! each package is unique & comes with
different art, etc. seriously limited ed. of 20! $7 ppd/us.
$9 / world.

to order email us: tiredtrails (at) gmail (dot) com

tired trails,robe

ttc 009 Gorman - Farm Bells c20

gorman,tired trails

this tape is the perfect companion for those dreary
lonesome mornings when all you can see is the steam from your
breath. when all you can feel is your desire to sleep, to dream.
sparse and minimal with the winter cold wrapped right around it,
these sounds submerged creep through your blood blue veins
and crawl towards the surface. a slow motion trip.
created simply, in a certain meditation it seems, with
tambourine, tibetan bells, effected banjo, drone guitar
and contact mic vocals. hand numbered clear tapes with art on
one side, wrapped in a green leaf pressed recycled paper pocket
tied with hemp. collage art insert by j.
limited ed. of 28. $6 ppd/ us. $8 ppd/world.

to order
email us: tiredtrails (at) gmail (dot) com

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ttc 005: v/a - the field notes that fled- tired trails comp tape uno c105

hello everyone!

tired trails

->> our comp tape is finally ready to be had!
originally the tape was going to be sold with the zine,
but the zine turned out to be a waaayy bigger
project than expected, so it will be available as
a separate entity.

this tape represents some of our favorite diy sounds from
around the globe. over 21 artists created original tracks
for this tape and we are very excited for everyone to get into
it with us. Side A begins with a full dose of soul fried funk
from the black hole oscillators, who's track has been getting
some indie radio time in cali, yah, its that damn catchy and groovy.
Side B is just as enchanting, with its funky feedback
sidewinder of an opening track from derek rogers.
from the intricate pysch wanderings of etherik to
the lyrical genius shira e. to the entrancing improv guitar of
black eagle child and donato epiro to the buried in noise punk
offerings of sing idog to the heavenly live harmonies of festival,
this tape encompasses the true meaning of a mix-tape.
it isn't about what names you know or don't
know. take a chance & discover something, someone new.
its damn time you did. two hours of freedom sounds.
limited edition of 50. hand-numbered green tapes w/ art
on A side, housed in hand-made recycled paper. camping
photo art on front. comes with a mini-zine
booklet containing artist info, track list, collages & art.
$6 ppd. in states. $8 ppd. world.

Side A:
Black Hole Oscillators, Monks of the Balhill, Black Eagle Child,
Shira e., Bill Baird, FESTIVAL, Etherik, the End Springs,
oh be joyful, Chris Way, Golden Boots, Howl, Pony Bones,
Side B:
Chapels, Rambutan, Ajilvsga, Derek Rogers,
Horse Gives Birth to Fly, Sing idog, Telephone Callers,
Cosmic Mandoliners, Donato Epiro, i am indian you are
white fuckers, Wooden Spoon, Mark Bradley

tired trails

Thursday, January 15, 2009

we love tapes! but we don't like...


that is why we are asking you-
our friends & family to send us your
old tapes so we can re-use them.

we already use recycled materials in every other part of our
creating, but we really want to go the distance
& be a total recycling and re-using vehicle. if you send
a certain amount we will send you back gifts. media mail
is super cheap, but if you are sending a large amount,
we can help out with shipping costs. if you are within
new york perhaps we could plan a pick-up. all is possible.

if you'd like to be a giver and/or would like more info
on this wonderful exchange,
please email tiredtrails (at) gmail (dot) com
with "RRR" in the subject line. THANK YOU!

*Please Note that the tapes we are looking for need to
be the kind you can still record on. if you need help figuring
shit out, give us a hoot.