Friday, November 20, 2009

Monks of the Balhill & Enfer Boreal split

tired trails collective 020
monks of the balhill,enfer boreal,tired trails

could not be happier with our twenty-th
release here. throwing out some real psych
wizardry we have: the monks of the balhill
with the first four treks/tracks &
enfer boreal finishes the disc with three
holy hummers. check it out:

after stellar releases on labels like peasant magik
& housecraft, the two monks bless us with four killer
jams from the highest altitude of psychedelia mountain.
you're going to want to come out of your cave for this
one, these tracks are painstakingly perfect. 'according'
begins with the tangling of guitars, some plucked notes
scatter, some build their wave like wall in the distance.
dirt & distortion swell & crumble, like thunder from
the day before & you glide on this until you realize the
sounds have sped up & they are swirling around your head
like giant lightening bugs. a catchy tripped out loop
fades into the sounds of the night temple in 'akthala'.
small crescendos take you for a ride on the midnight
ohm wave train. the monks let their voices swim in the
clouded quilt of reverb haze in 'black head' - a track
that will sink you completely into its slightly delayed
drift & let you daydream there unhindered. 'lotus flutters'
grows into what sounds like a funeral march coming down
the mountains, the wind whipping around their mantras like
lost lotus petals and death.
the buzz has also been a blurring around enfer boreal
after some ridiculously beautiful releases on stunned
& digitalis & with his three offerings here it is so
easy to see why. 'deep again' & 'solal' consist of
that dense dizzy drone we can't help but get lost in.
all thick & tasty like french texas toast, this is
some serious mysterious temple madness drenched in
a head full of static & frenzy. 'deep again' twists
you slowly in its obscured guitar marches. 'solal' is
where sun rays collide with the windy channels of
solace, imagine a field of burning bells-a breeze
blowing smeared sounds across the universe. 'tired inca'
has this real nice voice loop skipping through
distortion like a pebble headed for the middle of
the lake on a real rainy day. it's dark and melodic
and dreamy as hell & you'll want to put it on repeat
all night long. whatever they are smoking in france,
let's get them to share. this is some total ef'n transcendence.

disk comes in recycled cd sleeve.
little booklet containing really cool photos
taken by one of the mighty monks, words of advice
for young lovers, a one of a kind individually
made sticker & other radness comes with.

to order paypal buttons on right side of page. email us
if need or desire be: tiredtrails(at)gmail(dot)com
1: according different meanings :: monks of balhill
2: akthala monastery
3: black head with no horse
4: lotus flutters in my hand
5: deep again :: enfer boreal
6: solal
7: tired inca

time - 53:23

monks of the balhill,enfer boreal,tired trails
monks of the balhill,enfer boreal,tired trails monks of the balhill,enfer boreal,tired trails,vincent fribault

NEXT UP :: a righteous re-issue of "an endless distance"
by the one & only bridgetown boss Kevin Greenspon, put
to tape like all our favorite sounds should be.
after that: stone baby's tribute to modernism,
sunken landscapes uncovers the artificial age. beee ready!

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