Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ttc 024 Kevin Greenspon-an endless distance c20

ttc 024 kevin greenspon - an endless distance c20
kevin greenspon,an endless distance,tired trails,bridgetown
an endless distance
is a re-issue of an incredible set of tunes
originally released on cd by our good friend Kevin G. & we
just couldn't let this one go without putting it onto, you guessed
it, cassette. i've had a blast dubbing these too cause the sounds
fit so perfectly into my late afternoons & evenings, Greenspon's
guitar swimming in & out of these amber waves of distortion so
perfectly i can't help but be swallowed whole by them. City Breezes
opens up the tape with these righteous slightly tremeloed currents
rolling up & down the backstreets in tangled patterns & poses.
these captivating sounds tell a story so intensely you half expect a
holographic image to appear like a headlight from the tape player
out onto your floor space or something. what you end up seeing
is a reflection of the story, a memory of what the sounds mimic.
found sounds get tangled in the static - slams, crashes, footsteps -
the image becomes like a dying television floating in & of focus.
your sailing on the lights of the city like a snowflake. they're flashing
in tune with your heart beat & you can feel the city life bubbling
beneath you about to catch fire. a gentle rush sliding you over like
that first bite of candied apple at the state fair. definitely for fans
of pink desert, xiphiidae and getting lost in those long hazy crazy
nights of san fran.

$6 / 8 . paypal button on right side of page. lmt. ed. of 24.
Listen at tired trails or greenspon

kevin greenspon,an endless distance,tired trails,bridgetown

Kevin is currently on tour ! check out the dates at HIS SITE !!

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