Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ttc 019 Zack Kouns - Peter Denied Our Lord

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Kouns has quite a varied & vast discography
filled with challenging creations that tend to
float in a religious stream a soot. & you get
the freak feeling when listening to him that he's
privy to a world you don't know about. Kouns sounds
like no one in your black book or record collection.
he's got his own way of telling the story & makes no
apologies about it. his voice gets tangled in between
speech & a solemn soaring swoon. & boy can he belt it
when called for.

"Peter denied Our Lord" consists of 10 tracks
about the various stages and types of denial.
Recorded in the woods at night- crickets, rain &
background hiss take the shape of instruments
in this epic tale of communion and refusal.
here Kouns favors the bluesy one note strum
lines & minimal accompaniment. dark downer
fucked folk vibes stirring in the branches -
often no chorus, no refrain - just storytelling
in full effect. past/current releases on bum tapes,
owness, clinical archives & others. soon to
have a cult like following to take over the world
with. deny and repent.

cdr comes in recycled packaging w/ various inserts.
front/back art by Kouns. edition of 22. $7 ppd us/
+ ship for world.

cdr : time: 34:47


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