Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ttc 017 al Qaeda - aluminum lock smith c20

al qaeda,aluminum lock smith,tired trails

al Qaeda just finished up an epic tour
with Mike Watt, Droughter, Derek Rogers,
& Rob Crow & now they are dropping
this epic tape.

don't expect to hear the same thing twice from this
ever evolving band from san fran. they will blow
your expectations out of the polluted water, spit
on them and then give you a hug. here they throw
out some delayed sunshine on all our round red summer
faces. this tape begins with one of those familiar
string/guitar loops you think you hear wandering in
the wind on a deserted beach. definite highway drifter
drone filling up the speakers for that daydream deliverance.
slow motion space dives with solar flares on your side.
who is the aluminum lock smith? who is the blind tiger?
light one up and sway your head to this shit.

clear tapes housed in homemade black envelopes,
random pics from around the world on one side,
comes with mini-booklets containing tape info,
art. edition of 22. $6 ppd us/+ ship for world.

keep an open eye out for their other
releases on the always killer Scotch Tapes,
Middle James Co. & Heavy Psych (just to name a few).

al qaeda,tired trails,aluminum lock smith
al qaeda,aluminum lock smith,tired trails


to ORDER EMAIL US HERE: tiredtrails(at)gmail(dot)com

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