Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ttc 018 a man & a guitar - to kill a dead man

a man & a guitar,tired trails,to kill a dead man,cdr

a man and a guitar. that's it. his thoughts,
his emotive resistance, his chorus, his steel.
'to kill a dead man' is a reminder that you don't
need fanciness to create something beautiful,
haunting and timeless. this album has that
tip your hat to the side kinda saloon vibe,
swaying into a gritty bar with a gun on your side,
ready to draw. your covered in the settling of dusk,
in desert sweat & dirt & your miles from any place
you'd call home. letting the chords ring and echo
then fade, allowing each string to take part in the
madness, AM/AG draws out the sounds that need pushing
& lets the others drop away. small swells of nearby
thunder fill the largest sky you've ever floated in.
paris, tx vibes for sure, with less texas twang & more
paris flare. seven tracks of grifter blues to burn your
double-dealing skin. sizzle sizzle.
(dedicated to derek bailey & neil young.)

cdr comes packaged in rad recycled packaging with
an art / poetry insert. front/back cover art by
aman&aguitar. edition of 25. $7 ppd us/ + ship for world

a man & a guitar,tired trails,to kill a dead man,cdr


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