Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ttc 015 donato epiro / throuRoof - tamandua's gorgeous dream drones c20

donato epiro,throuRoof,tamandua's gorgeous dream drones,tired trails donato epiro,throuRoof,tired trails

with a name like "tamandua's gorgeous dream drones,"
its not hard to imagine the news on this tape.
these two fine Italian artists bring us together
for some straight up anteater magic - dream journeys
with tunnel visions, flickering lights & fevered hallucinations.
Side A: donato epiro builds a river wall of white noise
in your head space, blurring your vision with the drone
of ants & gods & swingers. "Myrmecophagidae Musik"
sneaks up like a gang of shadows climbing towards the
jungle ceiling. slightly familiar, these are the sounds your
eardrums make when you blew them out the night before.
the ringing behind the reverberation expands & shakes with
earthquake like tremors until you & the vibrations are
one in the same.
Side B: throuRoof's "Fire Ants Mandibles" begins with
the sounds of the jungle at dusk. here is the hidden world
of animal communication & wind chatter. big black bugs
hollowing wood, some shift some scatter. your eyes are
jungle vines and grasses, swaying in a blistering breeze,
glistening in the last rays of sunlight. total amplification
of the illumination. anteaters unite.

clear tapes, home dubbed real time, housed in
recycled fern paper. comes with two inserts -
one with hand-written tape info, one art by throuRoof.
edition of 24. $6 ppd us/+ ship for world.

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