Monday, July 13, 2009


coming soon to a stereo near you ::

>> throuRoof & donato epiro entrance us with their anteater magic. (tape)
>> a man & a guitar offers us his first journey into solo electric space. just the right amount of minimal madness. (cdr)
>> al qaeda throws out some delayed sunshine on your round red faces. drifter drone for that daydream deliverance. (tape)
>> zack kouns recorded "peter denied our lord" in the woods, with background hiss, rain, crickets, trees and denial - all such dear friends. (cdr)
>> the goodwillies travel through the tangerine tunnels of time, spunky junk funk as a guide. you can't hide from SILVER FOX. stop, pop, BURST! (tape)

right after that are some dope offerings from monks of the balhill & enfer boreal, lasers from atlantis, cough cough, stone baby, siddhi + much much more!

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