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New Etherik, Nirvana Pan Jali/Many Mansions, Harps of Fuchsia Kalmia !!

ttc 012
cdr time: 54 minutes
ttc 012  Etherik - Shipwrecks
Etherik is Erik Heyns, our good friend and
wonder multi-instrumentalist from Belgium,
who also plays in Grant Moff Tarkin & Rivercrest
(funeral folk). Here he delivers one hell of an album,
an album i haven't been able to put down since it
arrived on my doorstep. "Shipwrecks" is an amazingly
crafted fully realized first album, a magnetic 9 song
cycle in which Heyns plays all the instruments - percussion,
acoustic & electric guitars, organ, tibetan bells,
bali name it. But this album sounds
more like a full ensemble then a one man show.
Each track is so carefully constructed, so lovingly
assembled, so mind and soul tend to forget
one lone soul created such an incredible journey.
Mixing experimental post rock with psychedelics and free
dark forest folk, this album sways like a half sinking
boat on the sea, blurring the lines between submergence
and surfacing, hope and resistance, living and dying.
Layers of speech creep beneath his fire brimmed vocals,
as if he were conjuring up sea and sky spirits to sing
along with him. There is a sense of tradition in his lyrics
and raga influenced guitar trips, but also of exploration -
each track setting off on its own adventure - each one more
engrossing than the next. These all consuming compositions
will find a way into your head and swim there gently, slowly
letting you drift off into their world like any good song
will do. think six organs, legendary pink dots, comus,
pink floyd, then think beyond them, then stop thinking.
This little psych folk gem is going to make you happy - real happy.
cdr comes in hand-sewed felt 'cases' & comes with 2 pieces of art :
one unique handmade linolium stamp artwork (by etherik)
& one of two hand drawn treasure maps w/ cd info on back (by jess.)

Listen to Etherik at his MYspace
or at OURS

ttc 013
nirvana pan jali/many mansions-split c30
nirvana pan jali,dream safari,tired trails,many mansions,recycled felt,collage art

the artist of many monikers including quaouauh,
sky shepherds & dream safari doses us again with
his self described lethargic spiritual drone.
the track,'Celestial Mud' is just as it would suggest.
think drugged out meandering drone. like tripping
through a temple's forest at night, getting stuck
between the sounds of the night and the sounds
of the temple. this one grows from a four member om
circle to a full earth shattering choral, sounding somewhere
between a thousand mosquitos and ten thousand tape
warped trumpets. some heavy ethereal chant here my friends.
chant and be..well..whatever you want.

the many mansions piece, 'Book of Splendor,'
begins its decent into indecency with killer tape
manipulations,synth filtering and frequent radio static,
painting the picture of a shiny new age sci-fi wonderland.
the tiny man is at the toy piano, the drunk-ed three armed
and eyed creature is taunting the bearded birds-who are
squawking back in their vinyl scratch like language.
pt. II: enter island drum beats. enter groove. get into it.

hand-drawn art on tapes, hand-sewn/stapled silkscreened
arty collage fabric & recycled felt pockets. collage art insert.

NIRVANA or our

ttc 014 Harps of Fuchsia Kalmia w/ Delphine Dora-Pantomima Terrrestre
harps of fuchsia kalmia,tired trails,tired trails,delphine dora

Harps of Fuchsia Kalmia is the new weird-folk,
avant-folk forest-music project of Salvatore Borrelli
(etre, wondrous horse); the music is made in a direct
way, without processing or any other disturbance. Here
he is joined by delphine dora, the brilliant singer and
musician, who adds her honey sweet voice and piano to
this already captivating set of sounds.
"Pantomima Terrestre" or "Pantomime of the earth" could
not be a more fitting name - this is the earth's musical. -
a complete production with characters, story lines
and dedications - a perfect collage of traditional
folk, field recordings, organic drones and percussion.
delphine's airy vocals mingle with the drum beats,
space sounds and radio static. birds chirp, dogs bark,
cars drive by, and records spin backwards. sluggish dulcimer
& guitar plucks crescendo beneath the drone of the harmonium.
uniquely improvisational and experimental without loosing
its familiarity, there's only one way to discover this world. press play.
if your into caethua, vapaa, nnck, donato epiro
and any other trippy explorations of italy, finland and
forest spirits everywhere, this tape will not disappoint.
current/past releases on Ikuissus, Centre of Wood &
Fire Museum and future releases on Reverb Worship &
Beard of Snails. look out! rad purple tapes in silkscreened
fabric & recycled felt (made out of plastic bottles!)
cases. comes with 2 inserts - one piece of amazing
photo art by Federica R. & other with hand written tape info, etc.

Listen HoFK
& Tired T

harps of fuchsia kalmia,delphine dora,pantomima terrestre,tired trails,recycled felt cassette case

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