Thursday, March 26, 2009

ttc 011 Horse Gives Birth to Fly - Untitled c30

tired trails,horse gives birth to fly,beauty,ritual noise

blown off of whatever sphere i thought i
was living on and on to this one. horse gives
birth to fly offers up this massive Live 2nd
album, taking their noisy french psych
to a whole new level. they claim to make
'ritual noise,' but that only brushes the
surface of their sound. these 6 tracks combine
the sounds of an industrial pow-wow-crunchy
metal mantras- with reverb soaked spook.
HGBTF perform their cosmic ceremonies with
stoned hypnotic rhythms, metal scrapes,
shaky eerie singing and radical riffs.
they get into a groove and sink you in
it completely. with influences like volcano
the bear, starving weirdos & acid mothers
temple you'd be moving in the right direction,
but expect this tape to stand on its own in
spite of its nods. this beast will haunt you until
you stand on your head and put it on repeat. so beware
and be happy - this tape is one heavy hit. the kind of
hit that makes the room spin, your eyes sweat and your
heart race. you may want to just let this one blow
your speakers. killer packaging thanks to the band!
black tapes come on metal plates, screwed into place,
all placed in blue oversize envelopes w/ art on front/back.
edition of 30, i only have 20! expected to sell out quickly.
$7ppd w/in states. / $9 world. (these puppies are heavy)

Listen HERE

TO ORDER press the paypal button to the
right. for international orders please
email first: tiredtrails (at)

horse gives birth to fly,tired trails,ritual noise

(HGBTF is offering these up as cdrs also-
please contact them.)

(these tapes have a min of silence on each side
to ponder infinity in, once you return back from
it that is)

(thanks to my boy cakes, who assisted my
poor old mind in finding words to write this-
some of them are in fact his.)

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