Wednesday, September 17, 2008

first two releases

ttc 001 Shoreline - Features ep

shoreline - features ep

the UK/Italian duo return with 4 handpicked selection of tracks fresh from the swollen seas. their first ep "From Home, Eden & in Between," gained instant recognition for its brilliance, beauty & bold song structures - breaking down the old and new & making it their own. they've been compared to the Incredible String Band, Vashti Bunyan, Iron & Wine...

this "Features EP" is full blown orchestrated folk fever- delicate but bold melodies entangled with seaweed shells & all sounds sublime, exploration of place space and remembrance - rooted deep in tradition and daylight. sitting by the lakes in summer, by the windows in winter, the perfect cup of tea at high noon. drink up. hand-sewed covers using lakta paper. cd-r. Ltd edition of 25! $6/8.

track list:
1: jubletane
2: daybreak
3: seabird
4: without fear

ttc 002 Chapels- dust bells c30
(the circle and the point side project)

chapels - dust bells cs

here we have a curious exploration of mind, matter
and mania. Subtle echoes form mandala like patterns,
while surging electricity collapse their efforts. The opening
track is a meditative distended sit down stay
down, swaying like abandoned swings, grasping
but pushing away, an empty heart, a broken nest. The second
track starts off discreet, sensitive even, and while it keeps itself
refined, it also tears into reality's fabric, stabbing swords
at its purpose, caving in on it's commands. Side B demands
the same attention and diligence. it is cunning chaos and loopy
destruction. impulsive expeditions. it is the reminder of urgency,
the remainder of madness and the recollection of delight. dive in.
hand numbered blue tapes housed in hand-sewed felt pockets
tied together with hemp & some silver bells. comes with sticker
featuring a curious photo from the 30's. ltd ed. of 40. $7/9.

side a:
1: swollen & drifting
2: all my nights are...
side b:
1: haste
2: i don't recall

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only a few copies remain of each.

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