Saturday, September 27, 2008

ttc 003 Black Eagle Child // oh be joyful - split 1 c30

no one knows why black eagle child sprung
out of his little midwestern nest, but we're all
sure as hell happy he did. cause he came out
spitting out one prolific sound scape after another.

his brilliant side of the tape features guitar,
accordion, road noise and rainstorms. all 3 tracks
are strung together with bliss wire, static and deep
low voice choir drones. a delicate riff arises, repeats.
mimicking itself and branching off into skeletal
sculptures. the sounds sink into the wind wallowing
restlessly, as city buses from the street creep in and
swallow. this is a meditative piece. sitting on the side
of a mountain with kind buds and no-mind. examine.

B side features oh be joyful, who begins an improvised
guitar piece with the sound of the wind sailing over sea
glass, an embrace of the earth and its movement.
recorded in a tent, this first piece reflects the intimacy of
living in that small space. with "ghost ride side car," this
side continues down a bleak path with what sounds like
the rumble of a motorcycle making its way through
a deserted town at night. goosebumps and sightings.
the last track, 'thunder hills chorus,' ends the cycle with
some deep deep bass and a chorus loop resounding,
raw gurgly murk getting spit out of the polluted earth.
beware. hand numbered blue tapes,
housed in blue & green tie-dyed recycled handmade paper-
hand-sewed together. beautiful hand drawn art (drawn by bec,
altered by obj) on gold paper. each unique. $6.


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