Wednesday, October 8, 2008

in the works

there are some very exciting releases coming up here
on the tired trails. our zine and tape compilation have
been in the works for some time now and we wanted
to let all ya'll know that it is moving along and destined
to come out the end of this month/early next. sorry
for the delays, but we promise it will be worth the wait.

here is the final list of the artists on the compilation
tape!! :: the end springs, black eagle child, chapels,
black hole oscillators, golden boots, FESTIVAL, rambutan,
donato epiro, wooden spoon, etherik, oh be joyful, ajilvsga,
shira e., bill baird, howl, monks of balhill, sing idog, derek
rogers, pony bones, horse gives birth to fly, the cosmic
mandoliners, mark bradley, telephone callers & i am indian,
you are white(fuckers). yah, we know. f'n killer.

as far as our other music & noise releases we have
some excellent artists joining the trip. here are just
a few:

derek rogers - calculated messes c38 :: they call him the
texas tornado for a reason folks!

al qaeda - cremation of care c38 :: saving us from
western propaganda, these guys bring the noise.

throuRoof & donato epiro - split 2 c20 :: simply gorgeous
drone & field found sounds melting & blurring & buzzing.

bill baird - songs the sound of myself, as written by others ::
bill is one of the most prolific artists we know. this cover
album will change the way you feel about music. it will blow
your mind. this cdr will be housed in a small book with
photos, poems & collages - all taken & written by bill.

the end springs - synergy cs :: collaborations from around
the globe. guests include: beggin' your pardon miss joan,
a man & a guitar, & many many more!

goodwillies - the tangerine tape cs :: tim is creating sounds
around the color concept - tangerine. we can't wait to hear
what arises.

& so much more from these amazing artists: pony bones,
horse gives birth to fly, monks of balhill, siddhi, mark
bradley, stone baby, etherik, rambutan (eric=century plants/
burnt hills), wooden spoon, waterdogs, gorman, xiphiidae,
robe., cough cough, oh be joyful, black hole oscillators,
i am indian you are white(fuckers), bad indians, sing idog
& so many more!

keep on the lookout folks. we are here to please. thanks
to everyone for their support & love thus far. peace out.

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