Monday, September 15, 2008


welcome to the tired trails collective information station.
here you will find all sorts of exciting happenings
springing out of the dusty dirt that is the tired trails.
we exist simply out of our love for/obsessions with music, noise,
creation, deconstruction, community and all things green.

stop by regularly to catch up on our releases, take a look at our
recycled/organic hand-home made packaging & art, take a peek
into our lovingly constructed community spun zines full of
photos- poetry- band/musician interviews + so much more,
order some shit, and/or just say hello. we are friendly down
to earth head bangers and noise makers. dig. welcome ya'll.

a few fun facts for familiarity:
*we put a lot of care into each of our releases. they are all made
by hand, one by one, using as much recycled & organic materials and
as little waste as possible. the "waste" that is produced goes right
back to the recycle circle, either becoming part of a later project
by way of us or becoming one of the green products we support
by purchasing. we love supporting small businesses, like those
who practice good ethics and who bring us excellent
renewable products from artists all over the world.
*the collective is anyone who takes part in any of
our random projects. that includes the people you & i don't see
who do the shipping, the shaping, the farming, the love making...
all of their/our sweat is put into the peace pipe.
we smoke it at the end of the day
to give thanks. you are all a part of us simply because
you are. we are all family.
*we value the barter system.
*alliteration will get you everywhere.

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