Saturday, November 15, 2008

oh be joyful & al qaeda release

greetings ya'll.

new tape release by oh be joyful & al qaeda.
brilliantly arranged, constructed.

oh be joyful split w/ al qaeda

al qaeda/oh be joyful split c39 (self released)

aq side: 3 tracks. crushed distorted off beat noise
banging, loud, gracious,damaged, engaging, amazing!!
(some of my fav sounds this year)

obj's side : 1 track. sit & smoke your best bud blissed out
orchestrated droning, a thundering sky beneath -
longing, spacious, intensely grounding -great for anger mgt. /
meditation. use the headphones.

beautiful poetic packaging/art by scott of aq.

extremely limited to 20 copies. i have 8. now 7. now 6. now 5.

order: tiredtrails at gmail dot com

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