Monday, November 3, 2008

nr : Derek Rogers & Al Qaeda tapes !!

ttc 004 Derek Rogers - Calculated Messes c38

derek rogers - calculated messes c38

with quite a discography under his belt, including a
tag-team with mike khoury split with fossils on
Middle James Co. (Andrew Coltrane, Fossils, AC/DP),
a cassette for noise-god label RRR's Recycled Music series,
a cd-r and cassette on his own imprint, Last Exit Recordings -
Rogers is no new-bee to making noise. his dead c inspired
screeching and howling twister music has become a staple around
here for a reason. its damn right down and dirty. his texas style
brain scrambles will set your hair on fire. this kid builds lopsided
walls of sound out of feedback, wait, scratch that, he builds the
whole damn village. and then....destroys it. Rogers is a master at
sculpting noise as much as he is de-constructing it. and while he
never holds back his ability to throw it in your face, sometimes full
speed smacking, glorious in its ability to swell your brain to brilliant
shades of blue & battered -seeing stars from a knock out scattered -
Rogers isn't afraid to slow it down and add those timeless acoustics.
thats the beauty of this tape. Rogers can take a simple note, a simple
chord, a simple bend of the string, and turn it into total mayhem or
total meditation. chOOse your own adventure.
white tapes housed in cigar paper, hand-
sewed together, fingerprints & varied photo art taken
by derek, (sometimes) altered by j. Lmt. ed of 40. $6.

derek rogers art #1.


ttc 006 Al Qaeda - Cremation of Care c38

al qaeda - c of c

if you've yet to let this cali troop kick the shit out of your eardrums,
you're in for a treat. these two long jams (one 17:22 min.,two 18:38)
are perfectly constructed interpretations of a world at war. the distance
between the sacred and the non, the barriers of opinions, belief.
the first track will instantly grab your attention with its layers of holy
far eastern singing loops & 9/11 radio correspondence - with its
fuzz fumbling, synth freakouts & static distortions there are no
boundaries. those in your face forget about thinking
straight crescendos,building & building & exploding at full speed
will make your mind fry like that egg in those old drug commercials.
the second track is just as curious and destructive as
the first, though it takes a different route through the mine field.
it feels very circular, the way the sounds surround your head,
bounce from ear to ear with its effortless determination.
below the mayhem old organ sounding notes dance, skip and
scatter...slowly at first & then, in a this ain't no ditty kinda way,
sound off like fireworks going off inside a computer. as the track
progresses it begins to sound like a extremely lo-fi crusty punk record
for about 4 minutes and then retracts into its slow subdued resolution.
watch out for these kids, they know exactly how to push those i
can't get enough of this shit buttons.
hand numbered white owl tapes housed in green recycled cardstock,
stapled together with owl art on front. comes with
varied collage art taken from photos of bohemian grove &
cremation of care ceremonies. seriously lmt. ed of 40. $6.

al qaeda-cremation of care c38

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may you walk the
tired trails with love.

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