Saturday, February 27, 2010

ttc 021 Stone Baby

ttc 021: Stone Baby-Leap into the Void and Drift c28

stone baby,tired trails

the fourth installment of stone baby's
unofficial tribute series to modernism,
these two tracks will send you into that
great wide nothing for tea, cakes & total

part one: leap into the void.
when you first decide to leap, to jump from
such a high level you feel an incredible rush
of energy fill your body. then a bit of panic
sets in, the storm clouds emerge green eyed
& ready to strike, fear is your friend you tell
yourself. for a split moment, when you actually
let your body go, you are sure you can fly, that
you won't drop at all onto that pavement. but you
do drop, quicker than you can fathom & soon you
are face to face with the ground. as you start to
lose consciousness, sounds may appear louder than
their actual level. they will collide with each other,
form giant shapes in your brain & then drop out completely.
welcome to the void.

part two: ...and drift.
if you had to choose a cloud to drift on, this would
be the one to deliver all your hopes & dreams on
when the time came. these tremolo-ed feedback
drones will sail you on a stoned ship to the middle
of your mind & melt you there. follow the cosmic
patterns, the daydreams of a lunatic, the call &
response of that one lone voice - bouncing off the
rocky echo chamber of madness. it's a place where
you'll put it all together - those pieces of your life
you thought never fit, it's a place you'll call home
one day without hesitation.
black tapes come with two full color wrap around art
parts & an insert, which all slips into a
recycled felt case & is put together mindfully.
limited edition of 38. $6/$8 world. [less with more]


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stone baby,tired trails

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