Monday, June 7, 2010

summer break

Howdy Folks.

just wanted to let all of ya'll know
we took all but two paypal/order buttons
off the blog until we return from summer
and we only have a few left on us of those
two tapes before we go on summer break.
in a week or so there will be no buttons
at all as we will be unable to send
anything from the road. we're happy to take
orders but please understand they won't be
shipped until mid-late august.
we'd be happy to put something aside until we
come back as well, just send over a request.

when we come back to the music fold we will
have some beautiful offerings from some amazing
folks. sounds to reflect & celebrate another
turn in the seasons.

please feel free to email us with questions,
holds, demos, positive affirmations & blessings,
we're always happy to hear from ya'll. thanks for
your understanding & support.


take it easy & be good to one another,
all our love,
j + the tired trails

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