Saturday, May 21, 2011

ttc 028 endometrium cuntplow

tired trails collective 028
endometrium cuntplow-blooming at the speed of light
tape: c28

endometrium cuntplow,tired trails

some wicked sound exposures here. timeless trips
like flickering inside of light rays,
flowers of static leaning towards sun strokes.
small bubbling bubbles bursting through the layers
of ice in the winter's rivers, igniting fires all
along the edges. an array of colors leaving tracers
in your wavering vision, appearing then disappearing,
hiding in thoughts so deep you didn't know they
existed until now. at times we are at a slow pace,
hearing the wind whistle & the night emerge.
other times we are flying fast across atmospheres,
feeling incredible force, bursting at our seamless
boundaries. here we are, our eyes being flooded
with sentience, our bodies with strange vibrations,
our minds with fading visions...
we merge with the molecules speeding up & exploding.
we ride our brain waves like hope until they decay
& fry & scatter. there is something strangely
scientific in these noisy sound explorations.
light filled compositions showing the beauty of
conversion, innovation & transformation.

all art printed on recycled paper. comes with art,
handwritten insert & a unique black n white found photo.
all put into mindfully made recycled packages.
limited edition of 28. paypal buttons to right.
A1: Molecules Seep In Through Tiny Holes In My Eyes
B1: Thermospheric Transit
B2: Eating Photosynthesis
B3: Blooming In Light Speed

endometrium cuntplow,tired trails endometrium cuntplow,tired trails

blooming at the speed of light (tape edit mix) by endometrium cuntplow by mettamind

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